Tire Shop

Our full service Tire Shop offers new and used tires for sale, custom alloy wheels for sale, and all wheel and tire installation, repair and maintenance services.

Tires For Sale - Pine City, MN

Campbell Auto and Tire of Pine City has Tires For Sale, new and used, any brand upon request including Firestone tires, Bridgestone tires, Goodyear tires as well as the Delta and Laramie tires that we always keep in stock.
Tires For Sale Pine City MN

Tires For Sale Pine City MN

There are four main reasons it may be time to purchase new tires: 
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Over- or under-inflation that causes excessive wear
  • Tire alignment, tire balancing or parts issues
  • Unrepairable damage
Our certified auto mechanics will help you diagnose the reason for your tire purchase, and if necessary, suggest steps you can take to correct any problems and get maximize life from your new tires.   We’ll also help you make an affordable, quality choice in new tires that compliments your vehicle driving needs and style. Request a tire quote at (320) 629-0123.

Hercules Tires Exclusive Dealer - Pine City, MN

Hercules Tire Exclusive Dealer - Campbell Auto & Tire Pine City MN
We are a Hercules Tires Exclusive Dealer in the Pine City area. This comes with Free Road Hazard Protection for 50% of the tread life of the tire.

Cooper Tires Dealer

Cooper Tires Dealer - Campbell Auto & Tire Pine City, MN
The fifth largest tire manufacturer in the U.S., the Cooper focus is passenger car and light vehicle replacement tires.

Tire Shop Services - Pine City, MN

Tire Shop Services of Pine City include any vehicle tire type. Campbell Auto and Tire focuses on durability, longevity, safety and a smooth ride when diagnosing and servicing your tire repair and maintenance needs.
Tire Shop Services of Pine City, MN

Tire Shop Services of Pine City, MN

Our Tire Shop Services Include: Our tire shop services can help keep you on the road for thousands of trouble-free miles. Give us a call or schedule an online appointment for tire shop service.