Tire Alignment

Tire alignment, also called wheel alignment, can be described in simple terms as adjusting the position of the tires so that they are at right angles to the ground and aligned parallel with each other.

Tire Alignment of Pine City, MN

Tire Alignment of Pine City, MN

Your car may need a Tire Alignment if it does not drive straight and true on a straight and level road, but rather pulls to the right or left. Besides steering and tracking issues, when your tires are out of alignment they endure excessive wear which means you’ll need to replace them much sooner than you should have.

At Campbell Auto and Tire of Pine City, a certified auto mechanic will start and end with a test drive of your vehicle. The front end and steering linkage will be checked for wear and the tires checked for wear patterns. If one of your tires has excessive wear, for example, it will only make partial contact with the road after an alignment.

We’ll let you know the results of our inspection and make recommendations. It is important to us that we keep you informed of the condition of your vehicle and help you plan for future maintenance and repairs. But be assured that we will never recommend a service that you don’t need.

A Tire Alignment is not always the solution for pulling problems. Other issues may cause tire wear and poor tracking such as:

  • Unequal tire air pressure
  • Brake issues
  • Power Steering issues

Our certified auto mechanics are skilled at determining the cause and will discuss with you your best options to cost-effectively resolve your Tire Alignment problems.

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