Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing is often confused with Tire Alignment – but they are two different things.

Tire Balancing - Pine City MN

Tire Balancing - Pine City MN

If a tire is out of balance, it can be felt as vibration at highway speeds in the steering wheel (most likely a front tire and wheel), floorboard and/or seat (most likely a rear tire and wheel). Another symptom of a shaky ride is a scalloped or cupped wear pattern on one or more tires.

In addition to a comfortable smooth ride, Tire Balancing is vitally important in maximizing tire life. A typical passenger car tire-wheel combination weighs about 40 pounds. Most often, an imbalance is only three to four ounces. But even one ounce difference in weight distribution causes vibration issues as well as excessive tire wear.

At Campbell Auto and Tire of Pine City, Tire Balancing begins by checking the tire-wheel combination for areas that are heavier … or out of balance. To correct the problem, a measured lead weight is installed on the opposite side of the imbalance.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth your ride is after Tire Balancing is complete. Call for more information or schedule an appointment online.